A Moment

A Moment is a three-channel sound installation exploring three different definitions of a moment. The compositions were made using several sonic materials, incuding: BBC recordings of cars, recordings of the car radio taken as I drove around, short wave radio recordings, and closed-loop electroacoustic tracks - some sampled and some my own.

The original impetus for this piece came from a show called Garage Sale at the Oliva Gallery in west Chicago. Artists were invited to respond to objects from the gallery; I chose to work with a discarded old car tire in the gallery’s basement. My goal with this sound installation was to provide a dynamic nostalgia using representations of car culture, in this case sound and a static used tire, combined with my own memory of growing up driving around Queens, NY. This, I felt, gave it a sense of motion despite being immobile, which felt apt to submit it a show for kinetic sound art at the Bridgeport Art Center in south Chicago.

Steel, aluminum alloy, rubber, carbon black, wire, fabric, amps, speakers
25” x 25” x 12”
3-channel sound installation exploring three different definitions of a moment:
In physics, the moment of a force is a measure of its tendency to cause a body to rotate about a specific point or axis. Moment = force x distance
In time, a moment is a medieval unit corresponding to approximately 90 seconds.
And in a society, a moment is a brief event that occurs during
an interaction between two or more beings.

**below is a recording of all three channels of the sound installation running in a loop as they were when the installation was live. It is an electroacoustic, radiophonic temporal layering.